Charity Basketball Tournament


Happy Birthday Mr. Dude

This is a photo of my dad (right) when he was a little younger than I am now.  Happy birthday and have fun on the other side of the hill!

Quote of the Week: Ella Baker

“Strong people don’t need strong leaders.” -Ella Baker

A Glimpse of Dismal North Korea

Check out these interesting and crazy photos from North Korea, available from the Boston Globe. The one above is my favorite and embodies how I think about the country more than any of the militaristic or idol-worshipping pictures.


ACLU Hiring in NC to Fight Anti-LGBT Amendment

Friends, the ACLU-NC is looking to hire a full-time employee to coordinate our efforts to defeat the proposed anti-LGBT amendment to our state’s constitution on May 8th.  We intend to hire someone as soon as we find the right candidate with the right qualifications and experience, so please forward this job posting to anyone you know who may help us fulfill this urgent need.  Thank you so very much!

P.S.: Our coalition does not yet have a name for this campaign, so for now, we are calling this position an LGBT Campaign Coordinator.

Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director

ACLU of North Carolina

[Salary paid at an annual rate of $37,000 – $42,000, depending on experience and qualifications, plus reimbursement for travel and other work-related expenses.  Generous benefits package available.  Last day of employment will be on or shortly after May 8, 2012.]

March Against the White Street Landfill

Tate Street Festival Today

The annual Tate Street Festival is today, starting at 1 p.m! Speaking of festivals, the first CoHill (a bizarre abbreviation for the College Hill neighborhood) Festival will be held on October 1.

I can only assume that the CoHill Fest and the recent Walker Fest were both inspired by the long-standing Tate Street Festival, and so it is with a little bit of shame that I admit I’ve never been. There will be live music and lots of tables, so even if it’s not really your thing, you might as well stop through.

If you’ve got a better idea for your Saturday, let me know, because I only imagine being there for about an hour.