Best-Kept Secrets

From January through May, I wrote a weekly column for The Guilfordian student newspaper called “Greensboro’s Best-Kept Secrets.” The idea behind the column was that many college kids in Greensboro have no idea what happens in this city beyond their campuses, and that a good number of them trash talk the city based on what little they do know.

The most popular was, by far, a guide I wrote with Andy Young to the best restaurants in the city (a list I would now modify). Here are the others:

Exciting things to do around the Gate City for under $10

City parks and gardens offer a variety of options for spring

Fund 4 Democratic Communities nurtures the grassroots

Greensboro catching on to roller derby trend

Guilford graduates connect health and social justice

Greensboro Currency Project offers economic hope

Placing the sit-in movement in context

My Favorite Things Records

City’s many murals are hidden treasure

Truth and Reconciliation Commission a proud chapter in city’s history

Glenwood Community Book Shop

I also wrote an extensive piece on alleged worker mistreatment in Guilford’s cafeteria, the opening of the Edible Schoolyard, and the founding of Triad Jobs with Justice.


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