My Uncles, Egypt and Exxon

Here’s a few things I’ve written for YES! Weekly recently: 

My uncles can now get legally married in Brooklyn, FaithAction offers many great language coursesPlanned Parenthood’s funding was cut in North Carolina and some locals are trying to create a participatory budgeting project.


-Check out this poetic piece on the ‘Egyptian Revolution‘ from NC Public Radio.

-Exxon is trying to cover up the extent of their oil spill in the Yellowstone River.


3 responses to “My Uncles, Egypt and Exxon

  1. Eric, what a great article! You write very well, have done lots of research and lay your argument out very nicely. The things you said about Michael and me are very touching; I am not sure if my Mother could have written a more complimentary piece! Thanks for thinking of us, Love Andy

  2. Laura Lechner

    Love the article about gay marriage – you make it personal and funny, but also with broader insight.

  3. What a fantastic article!!! You are so thoughtful and articulate. The personalization makes it very special! As always, I am so proud to be your Grammy Sandy.

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