The Racist Rhino Times

From this week’s Rhino Times. Not only offensive, but a terrible cartoon. The Rhino prides itself on denying the existence of racism in Greensboro and doing all they can to defend racist police like former Chief Wray.


4 responses to “The Racist Rhino Times


  2. racism is bigger than a cartoon… this is perhaps insensitive and in poor taste, but to scream racism is a bit much.

  3. Of course racism is bigger than a cartoon. It’s institutional in our society. The Rhino has a history of racism, and this fits right in with it. I’m not sure how you could miss that…? Even Hammer admitted this was racist.

  4. Mickey Rogers

    The Rhino IS racist and pushes a racist agenda. I am fully in support of getting rid of this and anything else that drives a wedge between our community and it’s citizens. John Hammer needs to step down just like his brother Willy has done and shut that rag down NOW before he gets further into debt and all his advertisers are FORMER advertisers. Keep up the good fight in ending racism in Greensboro. A great first step in stopping the instigator.

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