My Grandfather’s 75th Birthday

Today would have been the 75th birthday of my grandfather, who I knew as Papa Sidney. He worked as an OB/GYN and I still have the “no smoking” sign from his doctor’s office on my bookshelf. I likely inherited, at least in part, my interests in photography, geography and history from him.

I remember sitting at his ancient computer with him as showed me the family tree. I looked over some of his photographs when I saw my grandmother on a recent trip to Massachusetts, as well as a large ceramic bowl we all painted together that now serves as artistic decoration amongst art my grandparents collected on their many travels.

His son, my Uncle Andy, says it’s important to remember him on his birthday in particular, and I agree. Happy birthday, Papa Sidney!



2 responses to “My Grandfather’s 75th Birthday

  1. Sandy Ginsburg

    I am so touched by this beautiful tribute to a man who was so dearly loved and is missed by his family. I love you.
    Grammy Sandy

  2. Thank you Bunny.

    Love, Daddy

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