Data shows three-fourths of drivers searched by Fayetteville police are black

“Black drivers accounted for three of every four searches made by Fayetteville police during traffic stops in the past two years. Police also were far more likely to cite erratic or suspicious behavior as a basis for searches involving black drivers.

Black drivers account for 58 percent of all traffic stops by Fayetteville police. The 2010 U.S. Census shows that blacks make up 42 percent of the city’s population…

About 82 percent of warrantless searches based on probable cause involved black drivers, compared with 16 percent for white drivers.

More black drivers (37.5 percent) than white (29.7 percent) got citations when stopped for vehicle equipment violations, such as a broken tail light, tinted windows or an oversized tag frame…

Police found contraband, such as weapons or illegal drugs, during searches at the same frequency (about 24 percent) for black and white drivers.”

Read the full article here.


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