Police Checkpoint Tomorrow Night

These are a huge pain to go through, so I thought I’d share this N&R report so y’all can avoid it.

“Police said they will be conducting a DWI checkpoint on West Friendly Avenue from 11 p.m. Thursday to 3 a.m. Friday. The checkpoint will be at East Lake Drive near the city’s Westerwood neighborhood and UNCG.”

5 responses to “Police Checkpoint Tomorrow Night

  1. Aren’t DUI check points a good thing? They physically stop people who are driving drunk, putting people’s lives at risk. And, they might deter other people from drinking and driving. Sounds like they’re understaffed in Greensboro and there are long waits?

  2. There are really long waits, but more importantly these checkpoints are often used to racially profile people, particularly Latinos who are assumed to be undocumented immigrants.

  3. Don’t they stop everyone?

  4. Yes. I am saying these random checkpoints are often in order to target immigrants in the first place, not about DUIs or seatbelt checks.

  5. Greensboro has had a number of controversies around their checkpoints, including one in the middle of the day on the road towards the biggest black polling precinct on election day (which affected turnout).

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