Sculpture Art Being Created on Guilford’s Lawn

Internationally-acclaimed North Carolina-based artist Patrick Dougherty is creating a monumental sculpture at Guilford College.

I walked by the other day on the way to meet up with an old teacher and was pretty impressed by the magnitude of the project. Students are helping him, including a friend who told me it’s moving very quickly.

Dougherty uses locally harvested tree saplings to create his large Stickworks. Feel welcome to watch Dougherty work throughout the month. Volunteers are still needed to facilitate the construction of the sculpture. An exhibition featuring work from two decades of the artist’s career will be presented in the glass cases of Hege Library through April 15th. For more info contact Terry Hammond (336-316-2438).


2 responses to “Sculpture Art Being Created on Guilford’s Lawn

  1. Dad and I saw his work at a botanical garden in Santa Barbara several years ago, I thought it was magical. I wanted to live inside his sculptures!

  2. Oh really? That’s pretty cool. His stuff here looks awesome

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