Remembering Sidney, My Grandfather

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. My Papa Sidney was a large figure in my life, living a short drive from my hometown. I most remember spending time with him in my living room or on Cape Cod, as well as trips to my grandparents’ house to see slides of their ¬†international travels or to sit on the couch eating candy and watching cartoons.

I don’t really have pictures of Sidney on my computer, but I have a large framed one on my bookshelf looking out over my room.


5 responses to “Remembering Sidney, My Grandfather

  1. Eating candy and watching cartoons, was that you or Papa Sidney?

  2. That was me, obviously. The little yellow ones in the jar only me and Katie would touch.

  3. Eric,
    I was so touched to read what you had to say about Papa S idney; he is so missed by all of us every day.
    Love you,

  4. He loved spending time with you and Katie, the 2 of you brought so much happiness into his life. He always said being a grandparent was ideal. Btw I remember you jumping up and down on the couch not sitting on it. I have that candy jar with new (circa 2005) yellow candies. If Papa Sidney was alive today he would be very proud of you.

  5. I remember eating one of those yellow candies last time I visited you. As old as they are I have to say I’d do it again, and maybe bounce on your couch this time since you think the three of us have similar traits.

    (also, I love you too Grammy)

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