Support the Sustainability Action Plan

Greensboro’s Community Sustainability Council, with extensive help from the wider community, has put together Greensboro’s first Sustainability Action Plan (SAP).  After two years of work and eight months of review by the public and city staff, the SAP is on City Council’s agenda for its meeting this coming Tuesday, January 4th.

This plan is a modest beginning to get Greensboro committed to a path of long-term sustainability.  It’s important that we have supporters of the SAP present at Tuesday’s meeting.  Please attend if possible.  The SAP will be a Business Item (item # 27 on the agenda); speakers are allowed on business items so sign up to speak if so moved.

The meeting is at 5:30pm at the City Council Chambers on the second floor of the Melvin Municipal Office Building (300 West Washington St).

To view the entire SAP Plan that is on the City Council agenda, go to:

(info taken from the Peace & Justice Network)


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