Interactive Resource Center Needs Volunteers

Here’s a message from the Interactive Resource Center as you remember what you’re thankful for:

“Last month computer room volunteers helped homeless and near-homeless people at the Interactive Resource Center prepare 112 resumes and apply for 504 jobs–and by the end of the month 26 people were working! Volunteers in the computer lab work one-on-one with guests helping them gain basic computer skills, work on resumes and cover letters, and fill out on-line applications.  It makes a huge difference.

Many of our computer lab volunteers are college students which means that we will be short-handed in December and early January—the IRC’s busiest time of the year. If you or someone you know is looking for a way to give back over the holidays, or if you are simply interested in meeting people and learning more about their lives, please consider being an IRC computer lab volunteer.  It only requires a couple of hours a week but those couple of hours can be exactly what it takes to help someone find a job.  To learn more or to sign up please get in touch with Volunteer Coordinator Tiffany Dumas at or 332-0824.”


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