Drama Over the N Club

In case you don’t keep up with local news, there’s been a lot of drama over a shooting that happened recently outside of the N Club on Elm St. Rocco Scarfone owns the N Club and a number of other clubs in town, including a “gentlemen’s club” where another shooting occurred over the weekend.

Apparently people are up in arms (pun intended) about the shootings and are calling for the N Club to be shut down.  Guns and clubs are nothing new in Greensboro, with a handful being shut down in the past few years for violations including serving minors, prostitution, and controversy over shootings.

When I worked as a valet in Greensboro, there was a shooting less than thirty feet from me in front of Music City (which was shut down a little more than a year later). The police didn’t show up until more than an hour later- I remember it well because I was forced to stay at work until 4 a.m.

The police department implemented an “11-point strategy” a year and a half ago to deal with violence outside of clubs. Scarfone could arguably have better security procedures at his clubs (I valeted outside of the N Club too but I’ve never been inside), but it’s clear that the police do little to help the situation.


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