Some Down Time in Colorado, Gearing Up for Wyoming

After looking at the weather forcast for the Tetons and Yellowstone,we were growing nervous about our lack of gear. Particularly, Sara and I had inadequate sleeping bags, mine being a handmedown from my dad that he got when he was 13.

Boulder is probably one of  the best places to buycamping gear second hand, and in less than 24 hours of looking, Sara and I bought great bags off Craigslist.

Today we’re headed to Denver before setting out on an overnight drive to the Tetons. There’s a chance we’ll have a floor to crash on in Jackson,WY but it doesn’t look promising. After a night we’ll head to Yellowstone, and we plan to leave Friday for Seattle. I read a bunch about the attractions last night, and now with the addition of a new sleeping bag I am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday we hiked the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail (somewhere near Boulder) and caught a glimpse of the Rockies when we reached the top. We can see the Flat Irons out the window where we are staying, which were formed by tectonic plates converging and pushing up old river beds.  We ate delicious tapas and tried local beers at the Med before walking around Boulder. It reminds all of us of Burlington, VT and unfortunately it’s the second city in a row that the anarchist bookstore has been closed at a reasonable hour.

Minneapolis still ranks as my favorite city, though it will likely face stiff competition as we venture down the west coast.


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