Bloods, Crips, Kings Unity Event

photo by Ed Whitfield

Over two years ago, five street organizations (also known as gangs) in Greensboro hammered out a peace treaty. Since then, the police have targeted the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation in particular to prevent the unity effort (as was done in the 1992 Bloods-Crips peace treaty in L.A.). Until now, other street organizations weren’t willing to stand publicly in the ALKQN in their calls for justice and police accountability.

On Saturday, the Bloods, ALKQN, and Crips held a unity cookout on Arlington St downtown. Afterwards, they marched to the police station as a show of unity and opposition to police harassment. More information is available on Greensboro Indymedia.

I spoke with Ed Whitfield and King Jay (leader for the ALKQN for North Carolina) to learn about Saturday since I wasn’t there. Make sure to check out all the links in this article- they provide a much-needed background picture.


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