Colonel Freeleigh

“When you are away from a city it becomes a fantasy. Any town, New York, Chicago, with its people, become improbable with distance.  Just as I am improbable here, in Illinois, in a small town by a quiet lake.  All of us improbable to one another because we are not present to one another. And so it is good to hear the sounds, and know that Mexico City is still there and the people moving and living…”

(Colonel Freeleigh, calling Mexico from Illinois)

Today I finished reading Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, a nostalgic “semi-autobiographical” book about two young brothers in the summer of 1928. A classic summer read, it seems only appropriate that I finished it before fall really takes hold.

I am notorious for only reading political nonfiction, and though I did also read a David Sedaris book earlier in the summer, it felt necessary to delve into a fictional summer epic. I recommend it, but maybe save it for the cold winter months to pull off the shelf and remind yourself of these overly hot days.


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