Old Family Photo

This is an old family photo that I hadn’t seen til recently. I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos this old of my family, but maybe I’m wrong? Interesting nonetheless.


Featured in a Zine!

My friend Emilja writes a zine called “Ship of Fools” and just finished #6, which features yours truly playing his favorite board game, Settlers of Catan.

N.C. poll: Majority opposes same-sex marriage ban

RALEIGH. (AP) — A majority of North Carolina residents say they oppose a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, a result unchanged since before the General Assembly voted to place the issue before voters in May, a poll released Friday said.

A statewide Elon University poll found 56 percent of respondents oppose changing the state constitution to permanently bar same-sex couples from marriage rights, the same result as an Elon poll in February. The General Assembly voted two weeks ago to let voters decide the constitutional amendment.

The survey doesn’t suggest whether the constitutional amendment will pass or fail when voters decide in May because the Elon poll doesn’t survey eligible or likely voters.

Full article here.

The Photographs of Janet Jarman

Not too long ago Allie and I went to the Ackland at UNC and saw a few great exhibits, including one by photographer and UNC alum Janet Jarman. A lot of her work focuses on Mexico, but flip through the projects and check out her amazing photos from throughout the world.

Democracy NC Hiring a Communications Specialist

“Democracy NC is looking for someone with a commitment to social justice, exceptional skills and ideally experience in communications for non-profit or advocacy groups (although that is not a requirement). This person is our webmaster, coordinates on-line/social media communications and advocacy, helps plan and implement strategies for media relations and all external communications, and coordinates production of various print and on-line materials.” 

Read the full job posting here.

New in My Life

Here are some quick updates for those of you keeping track:

1. My organizing contract with the IAF was extended til mid-December.
2. I made rosemary muscadine jam last week with my dear friend Kat.
3. I was hired as a part time staff writer  at YES! Weekly
4. Allie took me out to celebrate at Southern Rail in Carrboro and it was absolutely delicious.
5. Parks & Recreation and the Office are back on the air.
6. My birthday is in less than two weeks and I am having a pizza party.
7. I have a radio show on WQFS and I have a bunch of interviews set up for my next show, Monday from 6-8 pm. You can stream it online

On the Cover of the Jamestown News

Last week my work appeared on the cover of the Jamestown News, above the fold. Here’s the link.